General Information

The department librarians are responsible for the circulation of library materials in accordance with the lending regulations. The librarians are also in charge of the textbook collection (books reserved for courses). They update the collection in accordance with the subjects taught in the faculties of Life Sciences and Medicine and with the cooperation of the lecturers of the various courses



Circulation desk at the entrance floor

Sunday- Thursday : 8:00 – 21:00

Friday: 8:00 – 12:30



03-6409195, 03-6409501



Circulation Staff 

Dafna Hibsher - Head of Circulation, Stella Gurevich, Sagit Kadar, Maggi Moran.

Borrowing Privileges 

Tel Aviv University students, staff and retirees may borrow library materials at all campus libraries.
Students: with a student card or tuition fee receipt.
Faculty and staff: with an employee certificate or a letter of introduction from the department/faculty.
Retirees: with a retiree certificate of Tel Aviv university.

Library materials can be borrowed at the circulation desk. For more details please refer to the circulation desk.


Loan Period 

Loan period of every item is displayed in DATA.
The library reserves the right to change the loan period of items if necessary.


Material Type Loan Period
Books reserved for clinical courses
(textbook collection)
1 week
Books (book collection) 1 week
Dissertations 1 week
Compact disks attached to books Circulate only with the books, for the same periods as the books themselves


Non Circulating Library Materials

Journal issues
Reserved books marked with red tape
Reference material




The library runs an automatic renewal system for books on loan. Books on loan will be renewed daily.
As of 1.12.2008 renewals will be limited as follows: :
- reserve books (textbooks) and dissertations- maximum renewal time to 3 months, or until requested by another user.
- Regular collection- maximum renewal time to 1 year, or until requested by another user.
Messages regarding books that have to be returned will be sent only by e-mail, 2 days prior to the due dates. Readers who don’t use the University Webmail are requested to update their e-mail address via the Electronic Mail site of the University or via the Student Information System (Hebrew).
The readers are responsible for checking the due dates of their loans.

Due dates can be checked also:

By phone from 16:00 to 20:30, Tel. 03-6409195, 03-6409501 Reader ID number should be provided


Book Returns 

Sunday - Thursday till 21:00 o’clock
Friday till 12:45 o’clock
Books may be returned at the circulation desk or they can be placed in the "Book return slot" outside the Library


Book Reservations 

Requests for items already out on loan may be placed via the DATA. It is impossible to reserve a book if copies are available in the library. A book cannot be reserved as long as a copy of that book is in the user’s possession.
The library will send an e-mail message to the person who has requested the book when it is available.
Readers who don’t use the University Webmail are requested to update their e-mail address via the Electronic Mail site or via the student information system (Hebrew).

Reservations can be checked also:

Via "MY ACCOUNT:" in DATA to view your loan list.
By phone from 16:00 to 20:30, Tel. 03-6409195, 03-6409501.

Reader ID number should be provided
A request to cancel a reserved book can only be made at the circulation desk and only by the person who had previously reserved it.


Books will be kept on “hold” as follows:

Loan Period “Hold” period
1 week 2 days


Readers Responsibilities 

The reader is responsible for an item as long as it is in his/her possession
It is forbidden to pass a borrowed book to another reader
In case of theft or loss of a student card the student is obliged to immediately notify the circulation desk, for avoiding misuse of the card



If library materials are returned late a fine will be charged for every day that the item is overdue. The library is also entitled to block the reader’s borrowing privileges for up to 3 weeks. Higher fees are charged for books of the textbook collection.

The schedule of fines is listed at the circulation desk
Fines are updated annually

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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