Open-Access Publishing

updated: 21.04.2024

Tel Aviv University Libraries and MALMAD have reached an agreement with leading publishers, which allows TAU researchers to publish open-access articles free of charge or with a significant discount.


Which publishers and journals are included in the Open Access agreements?

New at the library: A search system for journals included in the Open Access agreements:




Which open-access journal can you publish your research in?

The Reference team in the Library of Life Sciences and Medicine will check which of the Open Access journals included in the Open Access publishing agreements suit your research topics and send you a list sorted by Impact Factor, Q, and the categories of JCR. This service is free of charge.


How do you publish with reduced or no APC* according to the agreements?

1. The journal you choose must be from the titles included in the publishers' OA agreements.

2. The corresponding author must use their Tel Aviv University e-mail:

Don't remember your institutional e-mail? Contact the University Information Technology & Computing Division: 

By phone: 03-6408888 or by e-mail:

Important! Using any other e-mail address may result in full charges

3. When submitting the article, State that your affiliation is Tel Aviv University Next to the author's name and at the article level


A complete list of agreements by publishers:

Click on the publisher's name for full information about journals included in the agreements:
















What are the advantages of Open Access publishing?

  • An increased number of citations and improved reputation for the researcher: when an article is accessible to the research community worldwide, more readers can cite it. The increase in the number of citations helps boost the researcher's impact and the rank of the university.
  • Research availability makes plagiarism harder.
  • More chances to cooperate with researchers inside the university and worldwide.


Why publish with these publishers?

  • Lower cost for the researchers.
  • Articles are peer-reviewed.



  • APC - Article Processing Charge - A fee charged to the author, creator, or institution to cover the cost of an article rather than charging the potential reader of the article. APCs may apply to both commercial and Open Access publications. APCs are sometimes charged to authors to cover the cost of publishing and disseminating an article in an Open Access scholarly journal.
  • Corresponding Author - The corresponding author is the one individual who takes primary responsibility for communication with the journal during the manuscript submission, peer-review, and publication process.
  • Peer-Review -  is the independent assessment of your research paper by experts in your field. Its purpose is to evaluate the manuscript's quality and suitability for publication.


For further information, please contact Marina Bialik, Head of the Library's Acquisition and Electronic Resources Department:


Tel: 03-6409196


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