A Group-Study Rooms Reservation System

A computerized system for booking group study rooms is available for you.

The system enables students of the Faculties of Life Sciences & Medicine to reserve study rooms, for self study.

Student from other faculties may use the rooms if the rooms are not reserved.

Faculty members who wish to reserve a room for lectures or classes should call 03-6409753, or email: Giliap@tauex.tau.ac.il

Group Study rooms

Rooms' reservation is Sunday through Friday:

Between one hour to four hours, limited to four hours per week.


Reservation range is up to a week in advance.


Rooms cannot be used by a smaller number of people than the minimum required – at least 2 people in a small room and 5 people in a large room.


If the number of people sitting in a room is smaller than the minimum required, a group may ask those people to leave the room.


If a room is unused within fifteen minutes of the time of order, the patron would lose the privilege of using it at the time ordered. The room will be considered free and will be given to others, until the next reservation hour.


Users who are not identified by the reservation system, or are unable to reserve some rooms are asked to call 6407977 or email supportmlib@tauex.tau.ac.il

Checking the room schedule

Entrance to the System

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