The Library's collections include textbooks, research books, dissertations, and journals - bound and current issues.

The Library is subscribed to a growing number of electronic journals, electronic books, and databases, most of which are also accessible from outside the university campus.


The Print Collection

The collection is organized into several sub-collections. The location of each item in any library collection can be found in the Location & Request of the item in the DaTA search system.


General Book Collection

Books belonging to the general collection are on the middle floor of the library.


Journals' Collection

The journals are located on the middle floor of the library. The bound journals are arranged alphabetically in two compact shelving.

The current issues which are not yet bound are also arranged alphabetically on separate shelves.


Reference Book Collection

Dictionaries, encyclopedias, data and statistics books, indexes, and directories are located near the Reference Desk at the entry-level.

These books cannot be borrowed. One can read them only in the library.

The Reserved Books are stored at the circulation desk

A copy of the newest edition of the books reserved for a course with exceptionally high demand is kept at the circulation desk.


Theses Collection

Theses and Ph.D., written by Faculties of Life Sciences and Medicine students, are located separately on the middle floor. Part of the collection is available in electronic format.


The collection of books in the history of medicine and science

Books dealing with the development of the medical profession in particular and science in general or historical aspects of medicine and science are located in compact shelving two on the middle floor.


Historical Documents in Medicine

Photocopied articles, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other documents related to the history of science and medicine are stored in special cupboards. For this collection, contact the Reference Desk.


Literature and Medicine Collection

Books written by senior authors and poets and designated for medicine students are on the entry floor, next to the public computers.


Rare Books Collection

The collection includes:

  • Books published before 1900, including several books published before 1700, are considered rare books by the standards employed in the field of librarianship
  • Facsimiles of manuscripts published after 1900
  • Unique book publishing, including drawings or special patterns
  • About 80% of the rare books are in life sciences, and the rest are in medicine. Due to their rarity and unique value, they must be protected from loss or damage. Therefore, the collection is kept in locked cupboards. The books are provided for study under the supervision of the librarian. For these books, please contact the Circulation Desk. 


The Electronic Collection

The electronic collection includes databases, journals, books, and theses.
The electronic collection is accessible only to students and faculty of Tel Aviv University from the Campus and off-campus according to remote access configuration.


Library of Communication Disorders

The Department of Communication Disorders Library is a branch of the Gitter-Smolarz Library of Life Sciences and Medicine. The library is located at Chaim Sheba Medical Center. The collection is part of the DaTA search system, noting its special location.


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