Remote Access to Full Text

Most of the library's electronic resources - databases, journals, books and reprints are only accessible to Tel-Aviv University community and are not accessible to the general public.

Remote Access to Full Text

To gain remote access these resources either off campus or from laptop or desktop computers, smartphones, or tablets, please configure the Proxy settings according to your operating system:


Another way gain access to these resources is through Reverse Proxy. In the login screen, use your university Username and Password.

Students of the School of Continuing Medical Education (CME): to get a username and password please contact the school office 03- 6409797.

Faculty and administrative staff members: to get a username and password please contact the Computer Coordinator of the faculty.

Faculty members who are employed in the hospitals: follow the instructions for access from the hospitals (Hebrew).



Technical support

For technical assistance it is possible to contact:

For help on problems concerning access to information resources it is possible to contact the Reference Dept. by phone - 03-6407975, or by e-mail – 

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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